About Us

Kusa Farms greenhouse aerial view

Our Story

Kusa Farms is a minority owned business that started with the vision of promoting inclusion and diversity by increasing minority representation in the cannabis space.

We’re connecting with cannabis lovers from all walks of life to create an inclusive industry that ultimately benefits the community beyond “getting high”. Our platform is made up of the voices of our growing community.

Purpose consistency quality

About Us

Kusa Farms is a greenhouse facility having received our license in October 2020. Our mission is simple: Grow high-quality flower that is priced affordably on the legal market. By combining decades of experience in the cannabis space, we are able to grow cannabis at scale without compromising quality.

We cultivate with purpose:

  • We are meticulously hunting for unique cultivars to introduce to the Canadian market.

We cultivate with consistency:

  • Our team chases perfection and executes each grow cycle exceptionally.

We cultivate with quality:

  • Our flower is all hand bucked, hang dried and hand trimmed and hand packaged ensuring craft quality.
Kusa Farms greenhouse
Wedding Cake buds

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